Breaking News! 

New Electronic 329 Cards being issued by the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) 

Electronic cards will start being issued to new and renewing patients this coming week (first week of March, 2019) — for both in-state and out-of-state patients.  The DOH will no longer be mailing cards out.  Patients will be able to print a paper copy OR save a copy to their smartphone.  

  • Once Greener Healing Ways submits your qualification, the DOH estimates a 3-to-5 day turn-around, for you to review and approve the information on your card.  Upon receipt, please inspect the card carefully, as neglected errors could put you at risk, and a delay in making changes will incur a $16.50 fee from the DOH. 
  • Patients that were approved prior to the March 2019 launch will NOT be able to see their card online, until their next renewal. 
  • Changes to your 329 card (caregiver, grow-site, etc.) will NOT be able to be made electronically.  Any changes still need to be made using the 5-page, snail-mail form, that can be found on the DOH’s website.   Once the DOH processes the change, the new card WILL be electronic. 
  • Replacement cards for anyone registered prior to the March 2019 changes, will still require the submission of the 5-page DOH change form.  The replacement card WILL be issued electronically. 
  • It will be the patient’s responsibility to print their own card (as well as their caregiver’s card, if applicable).  The DOH requires that all patients/caregivers strictly comply with Hawaii State laws and rules.  You should have your 329 card readily accessible upon request.  Not having Wi-Fi or data to access your card online or on your phone is not considered a valid excuse.   
  • Designated law enforcement officers have 24/7 access to the DOH system to verify if an individual holds a VALID 329 Registration Card.  The verification system will require input of one of the following: —the patient or caregiver’s last name and dateofbirth; OR ––329 Registration Card Number; OR ––the valid government I.D. number that was used by the program participant to register. 
  • An officer’s search result will indicate if the information entered is tied to a patient or caregiver, and whether the individual is VALID’ or INVALID’.  Iinvalid, an expiration or transaction date will be provided.  If the information entered is NOT in the system, the result will read, NO MATCH FOUND’. 
  • Although local law enforcement has direct, 24/7 subject verification access (as noted above), designated officers must FAX requests for GROW SITE verification to the DOH at (808) 733-2178. Responses to GROW SITE verification will be provided from 9 AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding State Holidays.  Though not yet ideal, they’re making progress!