Parity for Patients Coalition Demands Protections for Medical Cannabis Patients

“Neglect of the executive order to include the 329 D-126 medical cannabis law is causing unnecessary suffering to the people of our state” said Jim Berg, MD, a medical cannabis certifying doctor on Hawaiʻi Island.“ A patient with cancer cannot legally gain access to their effective medicine for nausea while on chemotherapy even though they qualify and have a sincere doctor willing to qualify them; Nor can a patient with lupus, for their severe pain, or a patient with seizures for their epilepsy. Their suffering is real and you can help to relieve it by suspending 329-126 to allow telemedicine for new medical cannabis patients.”

Governor Ige and the Health Director Bruce Anderson have been aware of this issue for over a month. Both have been asked multiple times by physicians and dispensaries for additional measures to be implemented to protect patients. Each request has been denied with inadequate explanation, leaving thousands of vulnerable medical cannabis patients facing tough decisions regarding their health and wellness.