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How to Choose a Caregiver for Patients with Debilitating Health Conditions

As a patient, why do I want a caregiver? Some patients are too ill to grow their medical cannabis and a caregiver may be designated to grow medical cannabis on behalf of the patient. Once dispensaries are established, the caregiver may be needed to assist the patient in obtaining their medical cannabis from the dispensary. After December 31, 2018, caregivers will not be allowed to grow medical cannabis except for minors/adults lacking legal capacity and on islands that do not have a dispensary.

Does the caregiver need to be identified on the application? YES – Caregivers must be designated by the qualifying patient on the application and registered with DOH in the Medical Cannabis Program.

Can my caregiver grow medical cannabis on my behalf? YES – however,

  1. This must be clearly articulated in the electronic application (See Registration Information) that is submitted to DOH; and/or
  2. The patient must use the appropriate Change Forms (see Changes To Information) within 10 days of any changes to the information originally submitted in the application; and
  3. Neither the patient nor the caregiver are authorized until they receive their 329 Card from DOH.

Can my caregiver grow cannabis for multiple patients? NO – Only one patient per caregiver.

Can my caregiver be someone under the age of 18? NO – a caregiver must be someone that is at least 18 years old who has agreed to undertake responsibility for managing the well-being of the qualifying patient with respect to the medical use of cannabis.

As a patient, can I have more than one caregiver? NO – each qualifying patient can have only one caregiver.

My friend says that he/she can grow my cannabis for me AND that I don’t need to name him/her as my caregiver as long as I claim to “own or control” his/her property. Is this allowed? NO – Submission of misleading, incorrect, false, or fraudulent information on any portion of the application may result in the revocation of your 329 Registration Card and may negate your ability to assert the medical use of cannabis as an affirmative defense to any prosecution involving cannabis under this part or chapter 712.