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Dr. James Berg - Hawaii Medical Marijuana Doctor - Big Island“Nurturing and strengthening is preferable to pills and potions; Pills and potions are preferable to surgery, and surgery is preferable to death; Caring is the most important.” – James Berg MD

Greener Healing Ways is honored to have Dr. Jim Berg as their primary physician for Medical Cannabis Certification.  Dr. Berg was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a family of medical doctors.  He is a fourth generation physician.  Science and healing came naturally to him.  From a very young age, Jim has been interested in many aspects of healing, including exercise, massage, herbs, meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong, nutrition and medicine.  Although he appreciated modern medicine, Jim’s main interest in healing was with direct and natural approaches that help a person the best.  When he was nineteen, Jim had a vision of how he could serve people deeper if he understood the science of medicine and could practice with an unrestricted license.  He also realized that in order to really help medicine evolve, he had to do this from the inside, as a doctor.  Jim had clear witness of the shortcomings of modern medicine and has sought to bring the art of healing to the science of medicine.  He went on to become proficient in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and bodywork, to complement his training in modern medicine.   Healing techniques are important, but Dr. Berg believes that one good insight is better than ten thousand pills, so he helps those seeking healing to see what they can do to maximize their health.

Dr. Jim Berg is currently board certified in both Family Medicine, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine.   He is the Medical Director of Greener Healing Ways, the Hawaii Patients Union, and the Barefoot Doctors’ Academy.  He has been a Clinical Associate Professor with Tulane University, School of Medicine and was also on faculty with the University of Minnesota, School of Medicine where he taught medical students about the scientifically responsible approach to natural medicine.  Dr. Berg has been a Fellow of the Wilderness Medical Society, and is a lifetime Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine.  He is an official Dive Medicine Physician, with training in Hyperbaric Medicine and wound healing.  He was a practicing acupuncturist for many years in Louisiana, and was on visiting faculty of the Southwest Acupuncture College, as well as the Austin Academy of Oriental Medicine.  Jim has a black belt in aikido, plays flute, strings and keyboards, and writes books and poetry.  Most importantly, Dr. Berg loves to help people with their healing and manifestation.

Jim is married to his true love and business partner, Dee Anne, and has one son and two step-daughters.

Dr. Berg has been serving the Medical Cannabis patients of Hawaii for the better part of two decades, and has helped take the stigma off of this important medicine through his educational talks and insights.   Although he is an enthusiast, Jim is not a Cannabis fanatic;  He is a personal freedom fanatic who strongly believes that everyone should be able to choose their own path of healing, especially with kind and nontoxic medicinals, like Cannabis.

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