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Frequently Asked Questions About the Hawaii State Cannabis / Marijuana License Program

Question: The Cannabis Registry asked for the official Doctor’s name, what is the correct name to use?

Answer: James Berg (If prompted the Doctor’s State Medical # is 11755)

Question: I lost my password to the Department of Health website, how can I log in?

Answer: There is a password retrieval system if you forgot! You will need to know your email to get the temporary password, which you will then enter on the application. We recommend you change your password, and after you print your application you can write it on the back for safe keeping. Have this information somewhere you will remember for next year.

Question: I’m renewing my Cannabis license application, what should I look our for when refilling the information in the license form?

Answer: Verify all of your information is 100% correct. You must enter your name exactly as it is printed by the state on your valid ID. This includes your middle name or middle initial. If any information has changed since last year, you may update it on your application. Suffix means Jr./Sr./III , please enter this in the appropriate suffix box or leave blank. Prefix means Mr/Mrs… this error will make DOH send back your app. Make sure! Be certain to update any new information (such as grow site, caregiver, or address)

Question: What are the acceptable forms of identification for the state 329 card registration?

Answer: The following forms of identification will work best if they don’t expire in the next 60 days.

  1. State-issued driver’s license
  2. State issued ID
  3. U.S. Passport. *Sorry, no passport cards.

Question: I’d like to grow my own Marijuana / Cannabis medicine, how should I tell the state? Is there a place on the state license application?

Answer: If you intend to Grow Medical Marijuana indicate YES on the GROW SITE PAGE. Then check the appropriate box in relation to the address of your actual grow site. If this is not indicated you are not covered by the law.

Question: I have a caregiver that will grow my Cannabis / Marijuana medicine for me. How do I let the State know I have a Cannabis Caregiver?

Answer: If you have a caregiver indicate by clicking on “caregiver” then fill out the caregiver’s personal information with equal attention to detail. Please print out required documents, check the appropriate boxes, have them signed by both the patient and caregiver, and have these documents ready at the time of your visit. We can upload these to your DOH application for you.

Once you have verified/updated your information, you may scroll to the bottom of each page and click the green “NEXT” button.

Question: I have a new state ID card or Driver’s license, how do I use my new state issued ID card in my 329 card application?

Answer: If you need to upload a new ID we can help! We can do this for you at the time of your appointment. Be sure to schedule your appointment as soon as possible to avoid waiting weeks or months to see Doctor Berg.

Question: I’m ready to pay online for my application. Is there anything I should watch out for?

Answer: Yes, be sure to choose payment type. (credit, debit or bank routing number/echeck). Be sure to read and select “I agree” (to abide by HRS 329) then “Submit”

When entering your payment information use the patient name as the contact name at the top of the page. Fill in all info related to the credit/ debit card or bank routing numbers completely. Select continue at the bottom of the page. Review your payment information then select “pay now” Print receipt if you want a hard copy of the payment receipt.


SELECT “Continue” one more time

PRINT A COPY of the “THANK YOU” PAGE for your records or at least write down your application number. Keep this somewhere safe along with your password and other DOH information.

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