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How to Renew your 329 Registration

Steps to renew your registration:

  1. Go to and create a “free” secure account (SKIP if you have an existing account)
  2. Go to and login
  3. Fill out the online application and upload any required documents (i.e. clear copy of your valid ID)
  4. See your certifying physician/APRN
  5. Pay – the cost is $38.50 ($35 application fee + $3.50 portal administration fee); you must pay with a credit/debit card or direct withdrawal from a savings or checking account. All fees are nonrefundable, even if a card is NOT issued. Applications that use direct withdrawals from savings or checking accounts will not be processed until a minimum of 10 business days from date debit (to be sure it clears your account). Applications that use credit/debit card payment will have the shortest turnaround time.
  6. Submit your Application
  7. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email notification and your 329 card will be mailed shortly after to the mailing address listed in your application. All 329 cards are mailed directly to the patient.

We recommend that you watch this quick video guide on how to submit your renewal application.

Now accepting NEW patients for in-office appointments at our new office in Hawi.   

   All RENEWING patients are eligible for a Telehealth appointment and will have an option for a 1-year or 2-year renewal

New Hawi Location: 

Now open for new patients

55-3435 Akoni Pule Hwy, Unit 10 Hawi, HI 96719-0371

Located in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii, in historic Hawi town.