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Your 329 Card Medical Cannabis Certification Appointment with James Berg, M.D. at Greener Healing Ways

Step 1: Call Greener Healing Ways at (808) 889-1822, to schedule your appointment.

Step 2:  Complete Online Application for the Medical Marijuana Registry: Go to the State of Hawaii’s online Medical Marijuana Registry (329 Card) application:

Step 3: Create an account and log in to the registry using the email and the password you’ve created.

Once you’ve completed the ‘online’ application, you will see a ‘Thank You’ page, indicating that you have successfully submitted the application to your physician’s queue.

For help with the registration process, the Department of Health’s Cannabis Patient Registry Hotline is (808) 733-2177.  (Available Monday thru Friday, 1pm-4pm).

For Technical Support, the D.O.H.’s ‘Tech Support Hotline’ is (808) 695-4620.  (Available Monday thru Friday, 8am-4pm).

Tips, and answers to frequently-asked-questions:
  • At your appointment with Dr. Berg, we will be able to upload any required documents, enter the doctor’s diagnosis for your condition, and submit your application to the DOH.
  • Once your application is submitted to the DOH and if no corrections are needed, you will receive your card within approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • As a precaution, we recommend that you check your email in the following week after your appointment, to make sure that the DOH did not send your application back for corrections.
  • If for some reason you are unable to complete the application before you see the doctor, you will be able to complete it after your appointment.
  • Remember, you are required BY LAW to have your card with you if you have Medicinal Cannabis in your possession.  Along with the 329 card, the DOH will send you info with all of their guidelines, including ‘tagging’ your plants and having your card on you.

If needed, watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

Accepting NEW patients for in-office appointments at our  office in Hawi.   

   All RENEWING patients are eligible for a Telehealth appointment and will have an option for a 1-year or 2-year renewal

Our Hawi Location: 

Accepting new patients

55-3435 Akoni Pule Hwy, Unit 10 Hawi, HI 96719-0371

Located in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii, in historic Hawi town.