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Important Guidelines for Growing Cannabis for Medical Use

December 18, 2023
*REVISED* 12/18/2023, to include bullet point and message below:

It is important to understand that a grow site cannot act as a caregiver.  This means that a grow site cannot cultivate cannabis for you, cannot process cannabis or manufactured cannabis products for you, and cannot sell cannabis or manufactured cannabis products to you.  Purchasing cannabis or manufactured cannabis products from a grow site is not protected under the Hawaii medical cannabis laws.  Only your primary caregiver may assist you with cultivating and processing your cannabis for medical use.
 The revised notification has been sent via email to all registered patients and posted at

December 13, 2023

Important Guidelines for Growing Cannabis for Medical Use

We would like to remind patients and primary caregivers of the State of Hawaii’s regulations concerning growing cannabis for personal medical use. If you are growing cannabis, please ensure you comply with the following requirements:
A patient must designate a single grow site on the patient’s application.

The grow site can be only one of the following locations: patient’s residence, registered primary caregiver’s residence, or another site that the patient or primary caregiver owns or controls.

The patient must declare, under perjury of law, that they or their primary caregiver resides at, owns, or controls the grow site.

The patient and primary caregiver are allowed to grow up to 10 cannabis plants total. This limit includes plants at any stage of maturity. A clone or immature plant count as one plant.

Each cannabis plant at the grow site must be individually tagged with the patient’s valid registration number and registration expiration date. The tag must be physically attached to the plant.

Only the patient or the primary caregiver named on the patient’s 329 registration card are allowed to handle that patient’s cannabis plants. No other person may care for, touch, water, or harvest a patient’s cannabis plants

If you are registered to grow cannabis and wish to update information on your application,  please log into your account at to make the change electronically OR complete a change request form at  and mail it to:
Medical Cannabis Patient Registry
4348 Waialae Avenue, #648
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

If you have questions, please call 808-733-2177 or email .Thank you,
Medical Cannabis Patient Registry Program

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